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Painting  a picture is something we have all done at sometime, mainly as a child or at school, but why did we stop making pictures. Rekindle your love of art by learning to paint like a professional.On this page you can see videos on different techniques with links to sites above each video to help you further your skills.

Video Tutor
Realistic Painting
Salisbury Cathedral
Bowl of Fruit
Beached Boat
A Great Gadget
Print and Paint

Have you ever wanted to paint a great picture but lack of drawing practice skills or your busy life has meant that the opportunity to express the hidden talent within you has almost gone.Does it seem that you would never have the chance to simply paint without a complex drawing.

Go to the team that really teach the skills and
Knowledge you need to become a successful Artist 
and kick start your Hobby or Vocation.
 I Highly recommend them.
Charles Skilton